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People, Empowered.

Proven, Incentivized, Communal

Access (ACX) Network empowers the underserved to govern their own financial future by directing incentives towards the developments they want to use.

Proven Real-World Application

After launch, Access will be able to have real-world use by integrating with Atlas Money, a P2P agency banking platform in West Africa, with over 300 agents that visit members of their community daily to provide financial services. Atlas has over 17,000 users, who have deposited over $1.5M onto their platform and taken over 3,000 loans, with next to zero defaults. By tapping into the existing branchless infrastructure of Atlas’ Agent network, Access can find a strong base for initial participation.

Incentivized Development

ACX Network is an incentivized token economy controlled by network participants. A substantial portion of all Access Coin (“ACX”) is minted over time through a smart contract that is distributed by Decision-Making Modules voted on by the Network. ACX Network will vote on the first Decision-Making Module after the token launch, with the Access Team proposing a Polling Module to reward developers who build applications requested by the Network. ACX is used to process all transactions and votes in the Network and will also be used to interact with any DApps utilizing the ACX ecosystem.

Communal Governance

A cornerstone of the ACX Network is its self-amending governance contract that allows for adaptability over time. ACX Network will strive for equitable weighing of votes so that all users may be heard. The Access team will soon deploy liquid democracy so delegate voting can occur across the network, lowering the barrier for participation for all users with feature phones. Liquid democracy will empower the existing communal structures of West Africa, celebrating their innately decentralized and cooperative natures.


The Network controls the distribution and direction of the Incentive Pool through Decision-Making Modules. Decision-Making Modules and their functions are voted on using the Governance Protocol. DApps and other off-chain services can interact with the Network. All interactions with these various smart contracts and any off-chain applications are powered by ACX.

Architecture Diagram


ACX is the token of the ACX Network and is used to:

  • Modify Governance Protocol
  • Modify Decision-Making Modules
  • Vote on current Decision-Making Modules
  • Use any DApps
  • Transact within the Network

Polling Module:
Real-World Solutions for Real-World Problems

Access’ proposed Polling Module will address real-world problems and practical needs by distributing incentives through a democratic, user-driven voting process that is clearly defined. All ACX holders are given the ability to participate in the voting process.

Here’s a Problem

A user creates a poll on the network to put forth a problem that they believe needs to be solved.

…and it’s real.

Users vote to determine if the problem is one that should be addressed by the network. If enough people participate, the problem is put forth to the network for solutions.

Here’s a solution…

Developers put forth solutions and users vote which solution should receive funding for development.

…and it has support.

The solution with the most support from the network is developed and financially rewarded.

Access for All

ACX Network democratizes financial and technological access by connecting the communities of developed and developing economies so they can co-create together.


Developing World Users

Access provides developing world users with access to banking services and global economic trade, allowing them to join the digital economy and vote on the technologies they want to address their practical needs.



Access allows developers to tap into massive potential for new value creation by providing the infrastructure and incentives to create impactful solutions for developing-world users.


Developed-World Users

Access enables developed-world users to effectively participate in digital economic trade with a larger portion of the global population and vote on the evolution of financial access.

Potential Applications

In addition to the developments voted on by the Network, the Access Team will work with both the cryptocommunity and local communities to explore development of the following products:

Loans Icon

Fiat/Crypto Loans

Remittances icon


Ecommerce icon


Entrepreneurship Network Icon

Entrepreneurship Network

Technological Inclusion icon

Technological Inclusion

Access Family


Mickey Costa, CEO

Mickey Costa


Techstars; Boost VC; Serial Entrepreneur; GW Law ‘12

James Schuler, Chief Technologist

James Schuler

Chief Technologist

Thiel Fellow; YC SC ‘12, CTO of Eligible; Serial Entrepreneur

José V. Fernández, Chief Economist

José V. Fernández

Chief Economist

Economist; Banking Exec; 4x Social Entrepreneur; Ex-Diplomat


Phyllis Yeboah, Ghana Community Leader

Phyllis Yeboah

Ghana Community Leader

Malick Gaye, Senegal Community Leader

Malick Gaye

Senegal Community Leader

Oladayo Oyelade, Senior Engineer

Oladayo Oyelade

Senior Engineer

Ori Shimony, Blockchain Engineer

Ori Shimony

Blockchain Engineer

Kwesi Asemanyi, Ghana Product Lead

Kwesi Asemanyi

Ghana Product Lead

Ondrej David, Head of Product

Ondrej David

Head of Product

Magatte Wade, Senegal Product Lead

Magatte Wade

Senegal Product Lead

No relation to the Access advisor.

Ifeyinwa Chinke, Project Manager

Ifeyinwa Chinke

Project Manager

Joseph Sanni, Scrum Master

Joseph Sanni

Scrum Master

Emeka Onu, Frontend Engineer

Emeka Onu

Frontend Engineer

George Iwu, Full-stack Engineer

George Iwu

Full-stack Engineer

Daniel Oduonye, Backend Engineer

Daniel Oduonye

Backend Engineer

Samuel Ogundipe, Backend Engineer

Samuel Ogundipe

Backend Engineer

Babasanya Craig, Backend Engineer

Babasanya Craig

Backend Engineer


Ruth Richardson, Advisor

Ruth Richardson


Former Finance Minister, NZ; Board Member, Bank of China NZ

Bogolo Kenewendo, Advisor

Bogolo Kenewendo


Botswana Government MP; Pan-African Parliament MP;
Inter-Parliamentary Union MP; Trade Economist

Magatte Wade, Advisor

Magatte Wade


Serial Entrepreneur of African inspired brands; CEO Tiossan

Alison Davis, Advisor

Alison Davis


Blockchain Capital; RBS;
Former CFO BGI (now BlackRock)

Ryan Lackey, Advisor

Ryan Lackey


Computer Security Entrepreneur; Founder ResetSecurity; CryptoSeal (acquired by Cloudflare); HavenCo.; 1990s+ electronic cash aficionado

Joe Urgo, Advisor

Joe Urgo


Co-founder District0x;;
Former Operations Manager, Coinbase

Alain Meier, Advisor

Alain Meier


Co-founder Bloom; Cognito; YC S14;
Boost VC; Co-founder Stanford Bitcoin Group


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